Kids Races

In New York City, the Achilles Kids: Races and Workout program is giving children with disabilities the opportunity to train, workout, and race. Children are paired with volunteers who run/walk together and provide training assistance and encouragement.

The benefits of this program are clear:

  • The majority of participating children see a dramatic improvement in fitness levels and physical capabilities. Children beginning the program with limited running or walking range, often work their way up to a mile or more.
  • Volunteers provide training assistance and encouragement, helping children learn to set achievable goals based on fitness levels and capabilities and gain confidence through their accomplishments.
  • The races and workouts provide a nurturing environment for children and create a supportive community through their relationships with other disabled runners, able-bodied siblings, as well as with able-bodied volunteers.

Workouts & Training

Our New York City Achilles Kids chapter works closely with the NYC Department of Education's Adaptive Physical Education Program, The City of New York Parks & Recreation Department, New York Cares and New York Road Runners in shaping our training programs. We sponsor year-round workouts for kids. Indoor events are held throughout the year at the Jewish Community Center, 334 Amsterdam Avenue at W. 76th Street. These sessions are held twice a month.


The New York Chapter sponsors two big racing events for kids: the annual “Achilles Kids Back to School Fun Run”, and the “"Achilles Kids MINI-Marathon". As their names imply, these events are fun and entertaining. The races are free and open to all children with disabilities, ages 2-21, and their able-bodied siblings.

Achilles Kids: Races and Workout program also give children with disabilities the opportunity to compete alongside able-bodied children in the New York Road Runners Club’s Pee Wee races. This popular program is a great tool for breaking down barriers and raising awareness. Achilles pays the entry fees for participants.